Rex Family | Chincoteague VA, Family Photographer

“I thought it would be cool to get some photos done where we camp every summer.” … That was the first thing Denise said to me, and I was SO excited. I love the beach & shooting in new places is awesome! I went down to meet them and they showed me around for awhile. We camped that weekend, the same place their family has for a very long time! I love to go camping, and being a mile or so from the beach is amazing.

With a really great day and some cute homemade props, we set out on the adventure. I hope you enjoy this preview! RexFamily_2012_AP6971 RexFamily_2012_AP6985 RexFamily_2012_AP7012 RexFamily_2012_AP7022 RexFamily_2012_AP7024 RexFamily_2012_AP7048 RexFamily_2012_AP7069 RexFamily_2012_AP7084-2 RexFamily_2012_AP7099 RexFamily_2012_AP7101 RexFamily_2012_AP7107 RexFamily_2012_AP7109 RexFamily_2012_AP7150 RexFamily_2012_AP7156 RexFamily_2012_AP7174

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