Wright Wedding | Easton, MD Wedding Photographer

Wedding_2012_AP0030WEBSarah & Andrew were married in Easton on  a cool Fall day.The sky was threatening rain, but the clouds quickly passed to give way to a gorgeous afternoon for the two. They said their vows in front of family and friends at the church Andrew grew up in. After a very beautiful, personal ceremony, the two were whisked away in a classic car! After some really awesome photos at the church we met up with their guests at the Tidewater Inn, which is conveniently, two blocks from the church! A night of dancing, toasts and just plain fun was had by all. The always awesome Matt Spence, from Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection kept the party going all night. Well wishes for laughter and love, forever! Wedding_2012_AP0001WEB Wedding_2012_AP0002WEB Wedding_2012_AP0003WEB Wedding_2012_AP0004WEB Wedding_2012_AP0005WEB Wedding_2012_AP0006WEB Wedding_2012_AP0007WEB Wedding_2012_AP0008WEB Wedding_2012_AP0009WEB Wedding_2012_AP0010WEB Wedding_2012_AP0011WEB Wedding_2012_AP0012WEB Wedding_2012_AP0013WEB Wedding_2012_AP0014WEB Wedding_2012_AP0015WEB Wedding_2012_AP0016WEB Wedding_2012_AP0017WEB Wedding_2012_AP0018WEB Wedding_2012_AP0019WEB Wedding_2012_AP0020WEB Wedding_2012_AP0021WEB Wedding_2012_AP0022WEB Wedding_2012_AP0023WEB Wedding_2012_AP0024WEB Wedding_2012_AP0025WEB Wedding_2012_AP0026WEB Wedding_2012_AP0027WEB Wedding_2012_AP0029WEB Wedding_2012_AP0031WEB Wedding_2012_AP0032WEB Wedding_2012_AP0033WEB Wedding_2012_AP0034WEB Wedding_2012_AP0035WEB Wedding_2012_AP0036WEB Wedding_2012_AP0037WEB Wedding_2012_AP0038WEB Wedding_2012_AP0039WEB Wedding_2012_AP0040WEB Wedding_2012_AP0042WEB Wedding_2012_AP0043WEB Wedding_2012_AP0044WEB Wedding_2012_AP0045WEB Wedding_2012_AP0046WEB Wedding_2012_AP0047WEB Wedding_2012_AP0048WEB Wedding_2012_AP0049WEB Wedding_2012_AP0050WEB Wedding_2012_AP0051WEB Wedding_2012_AP0052WEB Wedding_2012_AP0053WEB Wedding_2012_AP0054WEB Wedding_2012_AP0055WEB Wedding_2012_AP0056WEB Wedding_2012_AP0057WEB

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